Art Programmes

Da Little Arts School offers a thematic developmental program that allows children to build on what they learn from session to session.

We aim to educate and nurture each child with adequate life skills to mould them into confident and responsible individuals and develop an inquisitive mind to explore the world around them.

We believe learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics help to enrich the lives of the children as they grow up.

Our classes are catered for children age 18 months and above.


Little Doodlers

Slot available: Weds 4pm

From 18 months - 2.5 years old.

Little Doodlers is a parent accompanied class.

Children will create art through sensorial discovery activities.

While doing this, they will also develop control in their small and big muscle groups.

Exploring materials and art apparatus help to build knowledge of the objects in the world around them.

They will learn to explore tools for making art and in turn be exposed to the variety of the mediums of art.

Little Doodlers is conducted with circle time, stories and songs!


Book Explorers

Slots available: Thur 4pm, Sat 9am, Sat 10.30am, Sat 12pm, Sat 4pm, Sat 5.30pm

From 2.5 - 4 years old.

Book Explorers introduces children to the world of books, songs and interesting props. 

They will enjoy learning from a wide range of classic and contemporary works from renowned children friendly authors, working towards our goal of instilling a love for reading and an appreciation for language that will last a lifetime.

Classes are made lively by incorporating artworks that are inspired by the story. Making art also builds children's self-esteem when they learn to make aesthetic choices such as what colour to paint and how to draw basic shapes.

Little Crafters

Slots available: Tues 5pm, Wed 5.30pm, Fri 5pm, Sat 10.30am, Sat 12pm, Sat 5.30pm

From 4 - 6 years old.

As children become increasingly aware of the world around them,

the focus of their drawing can be directly related to them.

This course takes full advantage of children’s fascination of what interest them to explore and expand their artistic abilities beyond the basic level. According to their developmental stages, teachers use appropriate drawing techniques in class as children learn to combine shapes and lines to form their pictures from symbolic to representation form.

Other art techniques like constructing textured collages and using interesting apparatus are employed to further complement their ideas. Our teachers aim to help children to be imaginative in their future art encounters.

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Master Artists

Slots available: Tues 2.30pm, Fri 5.30pm, Sat 9am, Sat 10.30am, Sat 2.30pm, Sat 4pm, Sat 5.30pm

For 6 years old and above.

This course allows children to explore and express ideas as well as visual arts concepts in greater depth.

Children are taught advanced art techniques that include painting on canvas, molding and weaving clay, constructing collage and making paper mache.

Children are also introduced to art history and culture, art terminology, 2D and 3D drawing. The learning outcome of each Master Artists project helps children to build mental skills, such as imagination, observation, abstract thought and pattern recognition.

Art Jamming

Drop us a message to arrange for an art jamming session with us!

For age 3 and above.

With limitless art materials, we provide everything you need for

free-style painting.

Unleash your inner Picasso on a canvas and create a masterpiece

that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Enjoy a 2 hour session (and more if you'd like!) in our stress-free environment. You may also request for samples of artworks to get inspired. 

Teacher guided class is also available at $10 per hour.


Holiday Programme

Stay tuned for our Nov - Dec 2020 Holiday Programme Updates!

From age 3 years old and above!

We help to keep engaged your little ones engaged during the school holidays!

There will be exciting new themes every quarter, be sure to stay with us and be updated what we have in store for your budding Picassos here on our website and our social media platforms!

PS: September School Holidays 2020 details are out! Join us as your little ones paint their favourite cartoon characters!

Birthday Parties

Giving your DA best birthday bash for your BIG day!

 We'd love to be there for birthday parties and make it a special and memorable one for your little ones.

Parents can choose from their Classic or Premium Party Packages that can be held at our exclusive party rooms or at your preferred location (S$100 top-up). The birthday star and his invited guests will also get to return with a free trial class voucher worth S$80!


Do let us know 2 months in advance to book your birthday party slot.

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We are open to collaborate together for your events!

For the last 10 years, we are privileged to be able to partner large reputable brands to run customized events.

Be it just a simple booth or a mega event, you can count on us to make it a memorable fun day for the little ones and the young at hearts too! 


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