How long is one lesson?

One lesson is an hour.

How much is one trial project?

One trial project runs for 2 weeks and it costs $80.00.

Will my child finish the artwork in one lesson?

No, an artwork takes two classes to be completed. We would recommend your child to come for two classes to complete the artwork.

Does my child get to bring the artwork home?

Yes, your child will get to bring the artwork home at the end of the second lesson.

Note: There are some art projects that might take longer to dry even after the second lesson. We would arrange on an ad-hoc basis to pick up the artwork.

Do I get to sit with my child during lesson?

All classes are drop off.

What if my child keeps crying?

Our teachers are trained, we will evaluate on a case by case basis should an adult be able to accompany the child.

How much is one term?

First term cost $401.25.

Subsequent term cost $381.25* (There will be a $20 discount if you renew before the 9th lesson of the term).

* Enjoy additional $10 siblings discount.

One term consists of 10 weeks lesson (5 projects). 

What are the time slots you have available?

Drop us a message at 9138 6883 for us to arrange accordingly as we have limited spaces available.

How much is the art jamming session(s)?

1 session of art jamming (2 hours) - $38.

5 sessions of art jamming (10 hours) - $165.

Additional $10 per hour.

What are the safety measures taken in Da Little Arts School?

Your child's safety is our priority. Here are the measures we are taking in our art school.

•    Aprons will be used for one time only and we will send for wash

•    Children are now encouraged to wear their own Da Little Arts School aprons and painting t-shirts for class
•    Schedules between classes are now half an hour versus 15 minutes previously to give our teachers time to do a thorough wipe down before the start of the next class and to reduce the class interchange crowd, hence reducing the change of crowd mingling at the school’s entrance
•    In replacement of debrief to parents after each class, our teachers came up with a weekly art class booklet so that parents will still be updated of their children’s learning progress
•    Other than the usual 1m safe distancing queue demarcation, we also newly install access control door lock at the main entrance so that our team is able to physically attend to any visitors entering our school’s premise 
•    Health check outside the main entrance instead of checking while in the school premise
•    Implemented online enrollment form and cashless payment to minimise person to person contact

Any other questions? Feel free to reach out to us!